Elle Hiotis

Business Owner

Bubs & Me Boutique is a new and exciting brand catering to mums and their babies. Elle Hiotis is the creative mind behind this up and coming business, bringing fresh ideas and functional products to mums everywhere. 


Elle is a bubbly, outgoing woman with a heart of gold who always brings a smile to everyone she meets. She aspires to one day become a Mother to her own children, but in the meantime Elle cares for her nieces, nephews and godchild as if they were her own, taking them to weekly sports practise and always making sure they know how special they are. She has a deep love for children, fostered through time shared with her loving family and being surrounded by young children. 


When Elle is not designing products and packing orders, she works in a primary school supporting children with additional needs. Elle also has 7 years experience working in the Early Childhood Industry, and hence knows exactly what products mums are looking for to make their busy lives just that little bit easier. 


Bubs & Me Boutique aims to create products that best support babies and Mothers. The collection begins with the release of three products that will debut in November 2019. As the business grows Elle will continue to extend her design catalogue with new product lines. 


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